The Easiest Way to Prevent Toddler Spills

At home or on-the-go, GoSili has the solution to prevent spills and make sipping simpler! These are great for toddlers, big kids, special needs, and adults! This post is sponsored by GoSili. We received the SiliSkins, SiliKids Straws, and GoSili To-Go Cup, in exchange for our honest review. Cleaning Up Spills Toddlers are still learning […]

Holiday Gift Guide for Young Girls (Ages 5-7)

This is such a fun age for the holidays! Young girls are able to really understand your family traditions and are anxiously looking forward to the surprise of receiving gifts. While we focus on much more than gift-giving every Christmas, the gifts are still something that my six-year-old  is ecstatic about! The following are my […]

Why Every Cup Holder Needs a Travel Tray

In my ideal parenting world, I wouldn’t allow eating in the car. But in reality, we are always eating and playing on the go. The Travel Tray has created a clever way to extend one cup holder into a cup holder AND additional tray space! This post is sponsored by Travel Tray. We received our […]

Transforming Play with Bizy Beez Mag Stix STEM Building Set

Bizy Beez Mag Stix are a sensory magnetic building set developed for children with special needs, and 20% of profits are donated to give back to kids! This post is sponsored by Bizy Beez. We received our Mag Stix for free, in exchange for our honest review. What Are Mag Stix? These magnetic building pieces […]

Halloween Costumes: Why I’m a Little Bit Store-Bought, a Little Bit DIY

Check out our adventures in homemade and pre-made individual and group Halloween costumes! This mama is a little bit store bought, a little bit DIY!   Year #1 – DIY Lite, AKA, Etsy! I am a crafty person, and I was SO excited for my oldest daughter’s first Halloween! It was my first year as […]

Why Every Mom & Teacher Needs a Foot Massager!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t get foot massages from my significant other! The Sedona Shiatsu Foot Massager is what cares for my sore and tired feet! This post is sponsored by Sedona. We received the Shiatsu Foot Massager for free, in exchange for our honest review. Who Needs a Foot Massage? I’m […]

Alternative to a Plain Greeting Card: Lollidale Sock Cards

When giving a gift, Lollidale has created a fun and practical alternative to your standard greeting cards! Each sock card comes with a greeting and pair of cozy socks! This post is sponsored by Lollidale. We received a sock card for myself and one to gift for free, in exchange for our honest review. How […]

The Best Playdough Recipe Ever!

Playdough makes a great activity for building social skills, creativity, and fine motor skills. Instead of wasting my class budget on premade dough, I send this recipe home with parents! Then we have fresh and smooth playdough all year long!   Why Not Use Premade Playdough? My students get so excited by brand new playdough! […]

Don’t Lose Your Kid in the Crowd: Tag*a*Long Keeps Her Close

When your child is constantly on the move, attach the Tag*a*Long handle to your stroller, shopping cart, or diaper bag to keep them close! This post is sponsored by Tag*a*Long. We received the Tag*a*Long Stroller Handle for free, in exchange for our honest review. The Child Who Wanders Away My six-year-old is made of pure enthusiasm […]

Car Seat Safe Coats: Comparing the One Kid Road Coats

When it comes to carseat safety – I am adamant about no puffy coats in the car seat. So how do I keep my girls warm when the temperatures drop? This post is sponsored by One Kid. We received these Road Coats for free, or at a discount, in exchange for our honest review.   […]