I’m a thirty-something mama to two smart and beautiful girls, ages six and one. I’m also an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher and Dr. Pepper addict!

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Who is this Green Mama?

I grew up as an Air Force Brat until my family settled down for good in Olathe, KS when I was in the fourth grade. My first jobs were as a waitress and a respite care provider for a classmate of mine with significant special needs.

After graduating high school, I stayed home for a few years to attend community college. I also worked as a paraeducator in an early childhood special education classroom.

Those early jobs are what ultimately set me on my career path. I got to experience the impact of special education teacher, and I was passionate about supporting these families.

I headed to The University of Kansas, where I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Unified Early Childhood Special Education in 2008. Rock Chalk, Jayhawk!

I worked as an elementary special education teacher in my college town from 2009-2016. Then I landed my dream job as an Early Childhood Special Education Teacher in my hometown in 2016!

I love working in early childhood because I want to give parents a positive introduction to the world of special education. It is important to me that they see the full potential of their child, not just the limitations.

Since the birth of my second daughter, I started writing reviews of baby products on Instagram. This started as a fun hobby, but led me to meeting so many other fantastic families and small business brands!

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About My Other Half

I met my husband, Eric, through mutual friends while going to KU. We later found out that we grew up living less than two miles from one another! Our childhood homes were in different parts of the same city, and we had never run into each other before college.

While dating, we had an annual tradition of visiting the Kansas City Renaissance Festival every fall. Turkey legs, craft booths, and jousting – oh, my! We had matching “puzzle rings” from a talented Ren Fest vendor while we were dating.

Then, when we visited the Ren Fest in 2009, he sent me on a treasure hunt that ended with a proposal! To pull it all together, he had a custom puzzle ring created for me.

It has a diamond center setting, along with ruby and blue topaz birthstones. This was perfect because it pulled in our birthstones, but also the red and blue school colors of KU!

We had a beautiful outdoor wedding in our college town in 2010. It rained that morning and the heat index was over 100 degrees during our ceremony, but it was still a beautiful day! Our colors were crimson & blue for our Jayhawks, and we also tied in other renaissance details from the proposal.

Eric is now a UPS driver who pushes through his workday at breakneck speeds in order to make it home in time for bedtime. He doesn’t always make it, but I can guarantee that the girls both get a goodnight kiss even if they are already asleep.

Once the girls are in bed, we spend the next few hours playing games and watching an unreasonable amount of television.

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About Evelyn (six-years-old)

Evelyn was born on May 4th, 2012. The only way I got through her long and hard labor was the constant reassurance that my baby would be born on Star Wars day! We seriously considered changing her name to something that tied in Star Wars.

She was a feisty baby who did.not.sleep. It was nearly four years before sleep was no longer a daily struggle for her.

Now she is a first grader, and I am constantly in awe of her creativity and excitement. She loves art, being fancy, and reading!

She also loves any kind of tiny treasures. Hatchimals and Shopkins are great, but so is a tiny flower petal or rock that sparkles.

As a sister, Evelyn is always ready to help. When Alice was a newborn and crying, Evelyn would run to her and exclaim “She needs me! She wants me to hold her!” It is such a joy to watch Evelyn teach, care for, and play with her little sister.

Six year old girl

About Alice (one-year-old)

Alice joined our family in April 2017, and Evelyn was so ready to be a big sister! We intentionally waited until Evelyn would be heading to kindergarten to try for a second child, and the timing worked out perfectly!

As a teacher, I am able to stay home during the summer. So we spent the summer before kindergarten adjusting to our family of four.

I think that having such a wild big sister has really encouraged Alice to be an adventurer. She is always ready for a wild stunt – climbing on tables, doing baby headstands, and exploring the world with no restraint.

Alice has also been quite the challenge with her health. She’s been a sick baby and has already had three surgeries.

She has undergone tongue and lip tie revision because she was unable to latch properly on a bottle. That revision was a total success and we haven’t had any problems since.

One eye had a clogged tear duct that would not resolve on its own, which led to surgery to open up that tear duct. Since having the stent removed, her eye has been yucky again. Bummer, but not nearly as awful as before.

Finally, she has also had recurring double ear infections, a speech delay, and surgery to place ear tubes. We are hoping that the ear tubes are our last significant health problem!!!

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About the Blog

The “Green” in my blog name is because my last name is Green, but also because we lead a semi-crunchy lifestyle. Both of my girls have been exclusively cloth diapered and breastfed. We try to reduce waste and recycle as much as possible. And we love to play outside as much as possible. But we aren’t perfect – McDonald’s, paper plates, and Netflix are staples around here!

“Mama” is my preferred mom name. I never loved “mommy”, “momma”, or “mom” for myself. Being their “mama” is a huge part of my identity. I love that my six-year-old still calls me “mama”, and have been thrilled that my younger daughter has recently added “mama” to her vocabulary!

And “Goals” is simply the thought that we all have these Instagram-worthy ideas for our life, but I also want to share the real deal. Real reviews and real insight into our journey.

At Green Mama Goals, you will find honest reviews about family products I love, blog posts about my challenges and successes as a mom, and peeks into my classroom.

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