An In Depth Look at the Chicco Urban 6-in-1 Stroller

With six positions, this stroller really does it all! From birth through toddlerhood, the Chicco Urban is a stylish stroller than has you covered!

This post is sponsored by Chicco. We received the Chicco Urban for free, in exchange for our honest review.

With six positions, this stroller really does it all! From birth through toddlerhood, the Chicco Urban is a stylish stroller than has you covered!

When I was looking for a new stroller, I really wanted something that could have my daughter face either direction. She’s full-blown into the separation anxiety stage, and it’s so helpful to have her facing me.

After a bit of research, I hit the jackpot of versatility with the Chicco Urban stroller! This is a six in one stroller – starting with a stroller frame, and then adding a click in infant seat adaptor or bassinet/seat.

Positions 1 & 2

There is a car seat adaptor for the Chicco Keyfit car seat, and you can click the infant seat in facing forward or backward on the frame. It is NOT compatible with other brands, and there are not currently adaptors for other brands compatible with the Chicco Urban.

We are past the infant seat stage, but I love that it positions the car seat at a comfortable angle for baby. This adaptor is a separate piece from the seat, so it is one extra piece to store when not in use.

Chicco Urban stroller with infant seat facing forwards or backwards

Positions 3 & 4

Then you have the Urban seat which is so customizable! It can lay completely flat as a bassinet facing forward or backward. I love that this isn’t a separate piece from the stroller seat, because I don’t have to store a bulky bassinet attachment after we are done with this stage.

We can also incline the backrest so baby is sitting up just a bit while in bassinet mode, which was great for my older baby and babies with reflux. I bring the stroller along with us as a safe place for daughter to sleep when we go out or travel.

Because of the pieces that connect the seat into the stroller, you cannot lift the bassinet off of the stroller and set it down somewhere without the frame, like a Moses basket. It can only be used as a seat or bassinet while attached to the stroller frame.

Chicco Urban stroller

Positions 5 & 6

Next, you can adjust the settings to sit the bassinet up into a toddler seat that faces forward or backward. There are so many ways to adjust the seat in these positions to fit any child comfortably!

There are four leg positions that fully support your littlest babies, all the way up to your big kids who will use the foot rest on the frame. Then there are also three seat angle positions and a drawstring style recline – this lets you fully customize the seat to what is the most supportive and comfortable for your child!

It has a 50lb weight limit, and my 40lb five-year-old gives it two thumbs up for a comfortable ride.

Chicco Urban stroller

Everything About The Frame

The frame of the stroller is metal, which feels very secure. It seems to be powder coated, which has collected a fair amount of scratches during our first year using the stroller.

There is an audible click when you place the Urban seat or car seat adaptor onto the Urban stroller frame. I love this because it tells me that my baby is safe!

When I have left it in my trunk in the middle of winter, it has gotten painfully cold to the touch. We had a similar problem during the summer when the frame was too hot to touch.

The Urban comes with a detachable lap bar, which can open on one side and swing open for easily putting your child in and out of the stroller. We were a little bummed that there is no snack tray or cup holder on the lap bar. But so far, this has only been a minor inconvenience for us.

What About The Harness and Canopy?

The harness has very comfortable covers and is super easy to adjust the shoulder height and strap lengths between my 9-month-old and 5-year-old. I love that the straps can connect as either a 3 or 5 point harness because I don’t need the security of a 5 point harness with my older daughter.

The canopy has a crazy range – laying completely flat all the way to FULL coverage when it is all the way open. It also zips off when you don’t want to use it. My 5-year-old is 42” tall, and her head skims the canopy, so she prefers to have it off of the stroller.

As the canopy opens and closes, it has a strong pop into each position and easily startles a sleeping baby. I do wish that the canopy had a smoother transition and a window to view baby.

Check Out the Handle and Cup Holder

The handle has three height settings and is comfortable for both my husband and me to push. It doesn’t lock solidly into each position, so there is a tiny wiggle in the handle as you push (probably only 1mm of movement).

The steering is fantastic on smooth ground and does well on rougher terrain as long as you are using both hands.

There is no parent console, but there is a single cup holder that attaches to the side of the stroller frame. The cup holder mount is completely removable if you prefer to streamline the look of your frame. I found that the cup holder ended up bumping into things as I pushed the stroller.

Because of this, I opted to get a universal parent console that I could attach to the handle for my drink, phone, and other small carry alongs. The shape and angle of the handle makes it a little awkward to attach a universal console, but we made it work.

How Big Is the Basket Underneath?

Taking a look underneath – the Urban has a large basket for everything you might want to pack. I was able to fit my baby carrier, diaper bag, and two large coats easily.

The biggest inconvenience here is accessing the basket. When the seat is attached to the stroller, it blocks anything large from going in or out of the basket from the front or back. You can also access it from the sides, but it can be tough to get stuff in and out.

I highly recommend a diaper bag with stroller hooks for the Urban. This is one sturdy stroller, and you can hang quite a bit of weight from the handle with no fear it of toppling over.

Rolling On, Let’s Look at the Wheels

The wheels on this are solid rubber and give a nice smooth ride! The front wheels can lock straight or have a 360-degree swivel to them.

We found that the button would get hit and lock the wheels often when I folded the frame to put in my trunk, or even getting bumped while we are walking. This was a pretty minimal problem and is as easy to fix as just pushing the lock button again.

I really like using the wheel locks when I’m using the stroller to rock my daughter to sleep on the go, just pushing the stroller back and forth until she is asleep.

The brakes are linked and activated with a single central step-down switch that locks both wheels easily. You unlock by lifting the switch with your foot.

During our freezing cold boot weather, unlocking the brake was really comfortable to use. I tried it with flip-flops to see how easy it will be during the summer and found that it was pretty stiff and awkward if you are wearing sandals.

If you ever haul your stroller up or down a few steps (such as bringing it into a house that has a step up), you’ll find that the brake sticks out just a bit more than the rear wheels. This is bothersome because the brake then rubs on the stairs – scratching the brake pedal and preventing a smoother movement.

Chicco Urban stroller

When the Weather Gets Cold, Use the Included Boot

The Urban comes with a matching boot, which gives it such a high-end appearance! I like to tuck baby in with a blanket and then attach the boot – I know she is kept cozy and warm, and her blanket won’t get lost.

I was confused by the folded up portion at first, but I’ve found that it keeps the edge of the boot off of her face and shields her from gusts of wind. It doesn’t exactly roll or fold up in an easy to store bundle, so keep that in mind.

Chicco Urban stroller

Storage and Travel With the Chicco Urban

When you are storing the stroller, you have to take off the seat or car seat bracket in order to fold. I expected it to be inconvenient to fold the stroller in two pieces. But it really wasn’t much more challenging than my other strollers.

This is absolutely a two hand fold and set up, but I don’t think that’s really a big deal. Put baby in their car seat first before folding, and then leave them in their car seat while you unfold.

The frame locks when folding, which is helpful. The biggest pain was that the seat does not fold up, so it takes up a ton of space in my trunk.

All in All…

For a stroller that retails for $399, I expected a stylish, high quality, and versatile stroller. I was not disappointed, as it is both gorgeous and functional.

While there were a lot of minor inconveniences, I found that none of them bother me enough to go back to my other stroller! The Urban is absolutely my everyday go-to stroller.

Chicco Urban stroller

What Are Your Thoughts and Experiences?

What other questions do you have about the Chicco Urban? Comment below and I would be happy to answer them! What stroller is your favorite?

So What’s the Catch? (Disclosures)

We received the Chicco Urban stroller for free, in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are my own. You can check the current price and purchase here on Amazon – (affiliate link).

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