The Best Playdough Recipe Ever!

Playdough makes a great activity for building social skills, creativity, and fine motor skills. Instead of wasting my class budget on premade dough, I send this recipe home with parents! Then we have fresh and smooth playdough all year long!   Why Not Use Premade Playdough? My students get so excited by brand new playdough! […]

Running a Productive Art Center

In preschool, the art center is all about developing fine motor skills, creativity, and independence. These are ways that I help my art center meet those needs for each of my students! Rotating Supplies: Young children are easily overwhelmed when there are too many choices. Some kids may dump every box, while others will avoid […]

Teachers (and Mamas) – Here are Five Ways to Save Your Sanity

Teachers often feel completely drained by the end of the workday. As a special education teacher, that feeling can often come much earlier in the day. But once teachers reach that breaking point, you’re shorting yourself and your students.  I love the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” You’ve got to have some […]


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