How We Brought the Tooth Fairy to Life

My six-year-old is enthralled with all things enchanted, so we knew we had to go all out with the tooth fairy!

This post is sponsored by Sandra in Stitches. We received the tooth pillow for free, in exchange for our honest review.


My six-year-old is enthralled with all things enchanted, so we knew we had to go all out with the tooth fairy! Check out how we created the magic!

Planting the Seed

Long before there were loose teeth, we were planting the seed about the tooth fairy. Evelyn loved writing notes to Santa, Lucky the Leprechaun, and the Easter Bunny. It would soon be time to hear from the Tooth Fairy.

Evelyn loves to read, and the Pinkalicious series has a book about the Tooth Fairy called Silverlicious. There is also a Fancy Nancy book called Fancy Nancy and the Too-Loose Tooth.

These were fun to read and see her favorite storybook characters losing their teeth. It also gave her an idea of what to expect – putting her tooth under her pillow and getting a surprise in return.

We also used bedtime as a chance to remind her to keep her teeth extra clean. The tooth fairy doesn’t want yucky teeth, so you’d better do a good job brushing and flossing!

Houston, We Have a Loose Tooth!

Evelyn didn’t get her first loose tooth until a few weeks after her sixth birthday. This drove her crazy because her friends had all started losing teeth in preschool and kindergarten.

Her two bottom front teeth started wiggling the tiniest bit in her last week of kindergarten. All summer long, she was convinced that they were going to fall out any second. But they held strong for nearly three months!

During this exciting and impatient time, we focused extra hard on keeping those teeth clean! We also used it as an opportunity to teach some manners when it comes to loose teeth.

It’s gross to touch things after your fingers have been in your mouth – so push on your tooth with your tongue, and wash your hands if you must use your fingers. Plus, not everyone wants to see you with your mouth open in their face!

She also knew that mama is squicked out by loose teeth, so she had to ask before wiggling teeth at me! It’s a common courtesy to ask before showing someone your tooth hanging out of your mouth, but especially true with me!

Some days Evelyn would eat soft foods because those teeth were bothering her, and other days she preferred to eat crunchy foods to try to get them to fall out. It was hard to convince her that she really couldn’t rush this process.

The most important thing about discovering a loose tooth is getting yourself prepared! Figure out what your tooth fairy plans to do with lost teeth, so you aren’t scrambling at the last second!

No Handwritten Notes in Our House

My husband and I both have terrible handwriting, and there is no faking a fancy note. So, just like with other magical beings in our house, the notes are typed in a font that reflects their personality.

Evelyn has received notes in the past from Santa, her leprechaun, and the Easter Bunny. I just save the note on my computer so I can reuse the same font at the next opportunity. The Kimberly Geswein font pack is perfect for this, it has so many great fonts that match the theme or mood you’re looking for.

I found this free download for a great tooth receipt from Jeni Ro Designs. It was perfect for us because it has checkboxes to mark how clean their teeth were! I just used a fancy font to fill in the blanks and add a note congratulating her on losing her first tooth.

I had this saved and ready on my computer, I just needed to add the date and print when the time came!

tooth pillow, tooth receipt, and gold dollar

Making a Withdrawal From the Fairy Bank

One of the most important things to prepare for is deciding how your tooth fairy pays out! You want to be consistent, and you want to have that cash on hand!

Some families give bonus money for the child’s first tooth or teeth that were lost in an unexpected manner. We decided that ours would give a tooth pillow along with a dollar for the first tooth. Then subsequent teeth will also get a dollar.

I suppose we will decide about special bonuses in the future if she loses a tooth in an extraordinary fashion, but for now, it is just one gold dollar.

Evelyn loves anything fancy, and I knew that a gold dollar coin would seem extra special to her. I had to visit four banks over two days in order to find them! Apparently, they aren’t typically in circulation!

I went ahead and bought all thirteen gold dollars from that final bank. That way, I won’t have to go hunting again for a few years!!! I have them all hidden safely in our medication lock box, so she won’t discover my stash.

I had some extra resin from a project, so I made those gold dollars extra special by painting them with some pink glitter resin. I’ve seen others who put fine glitter on a dollar bill, but I imagine that would get EVERYWHERE! At least with resin, the glitter is sealed in!

Reaching Under the Pillow of a Sleeping Child? No Thank You.

If you have a light sleeper, or simply don’t want to risk ruining the magic of the tooth fairy, there is a solution! I’ve seen tooth pillows all over Etsy – a cute little pillow with a pocket for the tooth that hangs on the child’s door knob or bedpost.

I love the pillows from Sandra in Stitches! She has so many sweet designs for boys and girls, and can even personalize them! When delivered, the tooth pillow is wrapped up in cellophane with an “I Lost My Tooth” button and ribbon tying it shut.

Not only is this a great way for your child to put their tooth out for the tooth fairy, but it makes a fantastic “first lost tooth” gift!

Her square “Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillow” is a 4.5″ fleece pillow, available in ten colors. It has an embroidered tooth with a cute grin on the front, a pocket on the back, rope hanger.

This pillow costs $11.95 with your child’s name embroidered on it or $9.95 without a name. Use the code GUIDANCE for free shipping on your order!


The perfect tooth fairy gift, a tooth pillow!

It’s Tooth Day!

For Evelyn, both of her bottom teeth started getting loose in May, and she lost them both in the same week in August. It was a loooong summer!

For tooth #1, her tooth had been barely hanging on for a few days. We knew it would be coming out any time now! I teach at the same school where Evelyn goes to first grade, and was surprised to get a phone call from her teacher in the middle of a school day.

Her tooth was bothering her so badly that she wasn’t able to focus on her work. So her teacher called me to see if I wanted to try to pull the tooth out. I hesitated, but went ahead and had her send Evelyn to my classroom.

I started by telling Evelyn that I would try this ONE TIME, and if it didn’t come out then it wasn’t ready yet. She agreed that she would go back to class and try to focus on her work if it didn’t come out.

Like I said before, I’m squicked out by loose teeth. So I put on a glove, to try and pull this tooth. But the glove was too slippery, so I took it off and tried again. The tooth came out with one tiny tug, and Evelyn was so proud!

She marched herself right down to the nurse’s office to claim her tooth necklace, and show off the new gummy gap in her smile!

Two days later, she wanted dad to pull her other barely-hanging-on loose tooth. His nails are clipped so short that he wasn’t able to get a get a good grip on the tooth, so I gave it a shot. One tug, it didn’t come out, and she reluctantly went to bed with it still in her mouth.

The next day we tried again, and out it came! With both teeth, there was no whining, no tears, and barely any blood. Thank goodness!

Getting Ready for Bed

We kept our same bedtime routine on tooth fairy nights. We just started a few minutes earlier to allow some extra time for her to write a note to the tooth fairy and place everything carefully under her pillow.

The most important part of this step was putting her tooth in a Ziploc bag! This was so it didn’t roll away before the tooth fairy arrived. But also so you can find the tooth easily in the dark, and don’t accidentally drop it in a pile of stuffed animals!

At tooth brushing time, we reminded her to brush well so that the rest of her teeth would be as clean as the lost tooth!

Then, instead of reading a chapter from our chapter book, we read Silverlicious again. Pinkalicious’ adventure of losing her sweet tooth! Then it was time to be tucked in.

We told her that we would keep an eye out for the tooth fairy, but that we are tired and heading to bed soon too. Sleep tight!

Reading Silverlicious, and putting out her tooth and tooth fairy note before bed

Making the Switch

The tooth fairy was sweating bullets the night of the first lost tooth. The note and tooth were both firmly planted under her head and pillow. Evelyn sleeps like a rock, but I was still nervous!

I was able to retrieve the goods from underneath her pillow without a hitch! Until I kicked a toy across her room as I was walking out. Thankfully, even that didn’t wake her!

I printed out the tooth receipt and got a gold dollar out of the lockbox, and we were ready to go! I placed the rolled up tooth note and coin in her tooth pillow, and then placed the tooth pillow behind her pillow. This way it didn’t get squished, and I didn’t have to worry about waking her!

After she received the tooth pillow. all subsequent teeth will go in the pocket of that, which hangs on her bedpost. No more rustling around in the bed of a sleeping child!

Aside from worrying about waking her up, it was an easy new tradition because I was prepared with everything that I needed to make it special!

Sleepy girl with her surprise from the tooth fairy

Do We Keep the Teeth? Absolutely Not.

There are special keepsake boxes you can buy to store each of your child’s lost teeth. But that just did not appeal to me or my husband.

No hard feelings if that’s something your family things would be special, but it is definitely not for us! We put the tooth in the trash and then took the trash out so there was no chance of Evelyn finding her discarded tooth!

Waking Up to the Magic

The next morning, Evelyn comes running into our room screeching “come looooooook!” and immediately sprints back to her bedroom. After that first lost tooth, she was thrilled to receive the pillow and pin!

After opening the bag with the pillow inside, she found a rolled up tooth receipt and gold dollar in the pocket. She still don’t have a great understanding of how much money one dollar is, and she starts making big plans for that gold dollar!

Evelyn can’t wait to get dressed so she can put her pin on her shirt. She went to school that day telling anyone who would listen about her lost tooth, tooth fairy visit, tooth pillow, and gold dollar!

The magic and excitement rolled over to that second lost tooth. Now she can’t stop checking the rest of her teeth to figure out which one will fall out next!

look at those missing teeth!


Tricking the Tooth Fairy Is Not Allowed

I’ve had friends share stories of their kids suspecting that the tooth fairy isn’t real. They test this theory by putting their tooth under the pillow without telling their parents. Then they confront their parents with the tooth in the morning! Sneaky sneaky.

We told Evelyn that the tooth fairy is busy, so you have to tell mom and dad that your tooth is under your pillow. Then we can send her a message, so she knows to come to our house that night.

We will figure out how to tell her that her magical beings are a mom and dad inspired kind of magic when we reach that point. But for now, this is our safeguard.

What Are Your Thoughts and Experiences?

Do you have any questions about our tooth fairy routine? Comment below and I would be happy to answer them! I would also love to hear what you do differently!

So What’s the Catch? (Disclosures)

We received the tooth pillow for free, in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are my own. Purchase your tooth pillow now: (not an affiliate link).

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