Snack and Meal Hacks with Sage Spoonfuls

I have had the opportunity to try most of Sage Spoonfuls’ lineup, and I’m going to share how we have improved our meal and snack time with their products! This post is sponsored by Sage Spoonfuls. We have received these products for free, in exchange for our honest review.   No Dropped Plates: The Sili […]

Surviving Teething with Millie Beth Designs Chewelry

New teeth are one of the biggest pains of growing up. All of these teethers are safe for baby to mouth, comforting for teething gums, and easy to wash by hand or in the dishwasher! This post is sponsored by Millie Beth Designs. We received these teethers and teething necklaces at a discount, in exchange […]

How We Brought the Tooth Fairy to Life

My six-year-old is enthralled with all things enchanted, so we knew we had to go all out with the tooth fairy! This post is sponsored by Sandra in Stitches. We received the tooth pillow for free, in exchange for our honest review.   Planting the Seed Long before there were loose teeth, we were planting […]

The Ultimate Spill-Free Snack Trap – Munchie Mug!

Snack cups are a must for toddlers on the go, and Munchie Mug has created the perfect spill-proof design! Shake, drop, and dump – they won’t lose a crumb! This post is sponsored by Munchie Mug. We received the Munchie Mug for free, in exchange for our honest review.   What Is a Munchie Mug? I […]

Running a Productive Art Center

In preschool, the art center is all about developing fine motor skills, creativity, and independence. These are ways that I help my art center meet those needs for each of my students! Rotating Supplies: Young children are easily overwhelmed when there are too many choices. Some kids may dump every box, while others will avoid […]

An In Depth Look at the Chicco Urban 6-in-1 Stroller

With six positions, this stroller really does it all! From birth through toddlerhood, the Chicco Urban is a stylish stroller than has you covered! This post is sponsored by Chicco. We received the Chicco Urban for free, in exchange for our honest review. When I was looking for a new stroller, I really wanted something […]

When Your Baby Needs Stent Surgery For a Clogged Tear Duct

My second daughter, Alice, had persistent issues with goo collecting in her right eye. Most days, it would then stick that eye closed after naps and bedtime. This post is our journey of treating her clogged tear duct, having surgery, and finally resolving the problem! What Is a Clogged Tear Duct? For the first few […]

How the Tranquilo Mat Saved Our Sleep!

I don’t know many babies who sleep well right out of the gate. They usually need some extra help, often in the arms of mom or dad. The Tranquilo Mat is a brilliant product that helped our baby become a pro at sleeping by herself! This post is sponsored by Tranquilo Mat. We received the […]

Teachers (and Mamas) – Here are Five Ways to Save Your Sanity

Teachers often feel completely drained by the end of the workday. As a special education teacher, that feeling can often come much earlier in the day. But once teachers reach that breaking point, you’re shorting yourself and your students.  I love the saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup.” You’ve got to have some […]