Surviving Teething with Millie Beth Designs Chewelry

New teeth are one of the biggest pains of growing up. All of these teethers are safe for baby to mouth, comforting for teething gums, and easy to wash by hand or in the dishwasher!

This post is sponsored by Millie Beth Designs. We received these teethers and teething necklaces at a discount, in exchange for our honest review.

Surviving Teething with Millie Beth Designs Chewelry: New teeth are one of the biggest pains of growing up. All of these teethers are safe for baby to mouth, comforting for teething gums, and easy to wash by hand or in the dishwasher!

Teethers for Baby

Millie Beth Designs carries multiple types of teethers for your little one!

  • Animal teethers: Adorable cows, unicorns, owls, penguins, koalas, and raccoons.
  • Food Teethers: How cute is a baby chewing on a donut, ice cream, or cookie teether?
  • Other Shaped Teethers: A super trendy geometric teether, and Christmas tree for the holidays
  • Teething Rings: 3″ rings with combinations of silicone and wooden beads, rattle rings, or crochet designs
  • Pacifier Clips: Great for pacis, but equally useful for holding your teethers!
  • Baby Carrier Straps: You can even get your favorite teether on a loop that attaches to your baby carrier

We have a teething ring from Millie Beth Designs, and it has held up perfectly over the past year. Little hands love to grab and put things in their mouth, and this teething ring is perfectly designed for that purpose.

It is 3″ across and made with food-grade silicone beads and a textured wooden bead. The wooden bead is coated in a mixture of beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter. Our teething ring is made from pearly sphere beads and purple geometric beads.

Millie Beth Designs has a variety of colors and shapes of silicone beads and combines them with a textured wooden bead in a hand-tied teething ring. Personally, I love the sweet look of the pearly beads!

The combinations of colors, shapes, and textures provides an exciting experience for baby. Toys like this are frequently subject to the “I dropped it, now pick it up for me!” game that babies like to play – so I recommend attaching a toy strap to it so the ring doesn’t get lost.

Along with different colored silicone beads, you can get the ring personalized with letter cubes, wooden rattle rings, or replace the silicone beads with a crochet design on a ring.

Baby chewing on teething bead bracelet

Teething Necklace for Mama

There are so many great teething relief options for babies, and one of my favorites is teething jewelry for mamas! It’s easy to access and gives you a bit of flair too!

Teething necklaces are a cute accessory for your outfit, give babies a soothing surface to chew on when teeth are coming through, and can also help entertain distractable babies while nursing.

I have three necklaces from Millie Beth Designs – a pink and blue flower necklace, a neutral geometric necklace, and a simple copper bead necklace.

The teal of my flower necklace coordinates perfectly with my teal Lillebaby, and the pink is a fun pop of color. I love how the necklace looks when I wear it with the carrier!

As a teacher, I really like that the copper spheres and geometric cream, brown, and black necklace come together for a nice neutral look with many of my professional outfits. It is nice to have the jewelry be multifunctional for my personal use too!

Beyond teething, these are the best distraction while breastfeeding!

  • When Alice was 6-months-old, she had teeny tiny kitten claw nails, and she just loves to grab and pinch at my chest while she was nursing
  • When she was 9-months-old, she would constantly pop off to look around the room. This left me unexpectedly exposed, and milk would drip on my clothes
  • Now that Alice is 18 months old, she is always on the move and wants to switch sides after 10 seconds

The distraction of teething and nursing necklaces is priceless! She wraps her little fingers around it while nursing and focuses on the necklace long enough to hold still and actually get some milk. She fidgets with the beads instead of pulling my hair, tugging on my clothes, or popping off to look around.

teething necklace

Everything Is Fully Customizable!

This shop has an amazing selection of colors, shapes, and sizes of their silicone beads! You can choose from nearly 30 different colors to design your perfect necklace!

Go for gorgeous pearl teething beads for your fancy night out, or crimson and blue for Jayhawk basketball season! This is for you, and you can pick what you will love!

The beads are available in the entire rainbow, plus pearl, marble, granite, and wood. The sphere beads come in a large, medium, and small size, plus a few different geometric designs. The sky is in the limit!

There are a few different listings with ideas of available styles that you can choose. But you can also send the shop a message and work with them to design something unique.

Each necklace is custom made, so choose a necklace that matches your personality, your baby carrier, and your favorite outfit!

Custom flower necklace

Tell Me About the Cleaning Instructions

My favorite thing about silicone teething necklaces and toys is how easy they are to keep clean. For something intended to spend a lot of time in baby’s mouth, I want to be able to wash it in soap and water without damaging it.

Wash with gentle soap and water, or throw it in the dishwasher with everything else! The beads are also incredibly durable – baby girl is up to ten teeth, and she has yet to make a mark on the beads.

The fact that they are easy to clean and strong against new teeth gives me confidence that it’s safe for my daughter to chew. I check them periodically to make sure there is no damage, and they all still look like new!

Neutral colored teething bead necklace

What Are Your Thoughts and Experiences?

What other questions do you have about the teething ring or necklaces? Comment below and I would be happy to answer them! What color combinations would you choose?

So What’s the Catch? (Disclosures)

We received these teethers at a discount in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are my own. Purchase your teethers now: (not an affiliate link).

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