How the Tranquilo Mat Saved Our Sleep!

I don’t know many babies who sleep well right out of the gate. They usually need some extra help, often in the arms of mom or dad. The Tranquilo Mat is a brilliant product that helped our baby become a pro at sleeping by herself!

This post is sponsored by Tranquilo Mat. We received the Tranquilo Mat for free, in exchange for our honest review.

How the Tranquilo Mat Saved Our Sleep!

Help! My Baby Won’t Sleep!

My first born was a nightmare when it came to sleeping. She would barely fall asleep in our arms, and getting her to sleep in the crib was just never going to happen. She startled so easily, and there was no way to get her out of our arms without waking her. This all makes me wonder how many sleepless nights could have been rescued by the Tranquilo Mat!

Our second daughter was a much better sleeper, but she still needed all the help she could get. She was able to sleep in her crib and had no problem falling asleep in our arms. But she startled awake SO easily! Especially when we tried to transfer her from our arms to the crib. Our prayers were answered when a friend sent us their Tranquilo Mat! It helped her fall asleep and STAY asleep!

I liked to use it as a baby taco shell. I would hold her in my arms with the Tranquilo Mat curled underneath her until she fell asleep. It was such a soothing sensation and helped me relax too. I don’t know any mom who hasn’t gotten anxious when “nap trapped” by their sleeping baby.

I also felt like the Tranquilo Mat helped her as she transitioned from sleep in a swaddle, to sleep with her arms free. That gentle vibration helped to soothe her startle reflex as she learned to sleep with that additional freedom.

Baby sleeping on a Tranquilo Mat

Why Do We Need Another Piece of Gear?

We all know that most babies are soothed by vibration, as it reminds them of the constant movement and whooshing sounds in utero. Because Alice always slept in my arms, I’m sure my heartbeat and breathing was a comfort to her.

In an attempt to mimic this comforting feeling, nearly all popular swings, bouncers, and pack n’ plays come with a vibrating feature. So what about when you transition to the crib? Or when the baby is fussy in the car or stroller?

The Tranquilo Mat bridges the gap until the baby is able to self-soothe and sleep effectively on their own. It is a portable vibrating mat that can go anywhere your baby goes! We usually used in the crib during bedtime – but also for sleep in our arms, in the stroller, in the car seat, and more.

I received the first model of the Tranquilo Mat from another mama, and LOVED it! We started using it when Alice was six months old, and it worked wonders! Being a well-loved and older model, the battery life and vibration strength seemed to not be at 100% – so we knew we had to try the updated version of the Tranquilo Mat.

Tell Me About the Tranquilo Mat!

Most frequently, we used the mat to help her sleep in our arms and in her crib. I always brought it along when we travel because it helps her sleep in unfamiliar places. I can even put it behind her when I’m wearing her in a baby carrier!

It’s not just for sleep either! You can use it to help your baby be more comfortable during tummy time or diaper changes too. Anytime your baby gets into a fussy period, turn your mat on and watch their focus shift and their bodies start to relax.

I really appreciate that there are no loose pieces and the cover is tightly fitted to the mat. Because of this, there are no safety concerns with having this in bed with your child.

The large mat retails for $99.99 and is 23.5″ x 12″, and 3/4″ thick. We used the mat until she was around a year old. While she did outgrow the length of the mat, that didn’t impact how it worked for her. She just slept with her face or feet off of it.

We loved the thickness of the mat because it was really supportive underneath her in our arms. Enough so that I could nurse or rock her to sleep with the mat underneath her, and then transfer her to the crib without the dreaded startle waking her up. When transferring from the mat in our arms to the mat in the crib, the mat continued to support her body the whole time. This was amazing because she was able to continue snoozing after we set her down. Dreams do come true!

Baby sleeping with a Tranquilo Mat on her carseat

Does It Have Multiple Settings?

This vibrating mat has plenty of settings, so you can determine what helps your baby sleep best. Play around with them until you find what works for your family.

The mat has five vibrating modes – low, medium, high, low heartbeat, and high heartbeat. The low heartbeat slowly rotates through the settings, and the high heartbeat moves more quickly through the settings.

The description talks about the Tranquilo Mat mimicking the sounds of the womb, which initially surprised me because there is no speaker playing any kind of sound. What it means, is that you can quietly hear the motion of the vibrations. As the vibration setting goes higher or lower, the sound of the vibration becomes louder or quieter.

We like to use the medium vibration or the low heartbeat mode. Medium is just a steady and calming vibration. Low heartbeat cycles slowly through the vibration settings in a calming rhythm.

You can also run the Tranquilo Mat in the crib next to your child for indirect vibration. With the mat nearby, they can still feel the gentle motion and hear the motor whirring nearby while they sleep. We found this to be a great way to transition away from using the mat. You could put your hand anywhere on the crib mattress and immediately feel the gentle vibrations.

Baby sleeping on a Tranquilo Mat

It’s Machine Washable, Right?

The cover is 100% cotton, neutral gray, and super soft. It’s easy to remove and machine washable for when baby has a top or bottom end blowout. There are no special care instructions, and I didn’t notice any shrinking after being washed.

If your cover is in the wash, you can just cover the mat with a thin receiving blanket to protect it from the next mess until the original cover is clean. There are also replacement covers that you can purchase in a few trendy designs. Along with solid gray, you can get covers with arrows, a cute floral print, mustaches, and mooses (meese? haha!).

The vibrating interior is water resistant, so you won’t have to worry about any messes damaging the interior pieces. When it does get soiled, you can just wipe it down with a damp washcloth. Everything comes off clean and the mat is ready to go again!

The Tranquilo Mat also comes with a nice little storage bag. The mat rolls up quite easily, which makes it a much smaller shape for travel or storage.

Baby sleeping on a Tranquilo Mat

How Do Batteries Hold Up With the Tranquilo Mat?

The Tranquilo Mat runs on four AA batteries, and the updated model has a much longer battery life! Unlike most battery operated soothing products, this does not automatically shut off after a period of time unless you turn on the 60 minute shut off.

You turn the mat on by pressing the power button until it begins vibrating. Then you can activate a 60 minute shut off by continuing to hold down the power button (about ten seconds) when you turn the mat on. After an hour, the mat will shut off abruptly.

We preferred to not use the 60 minute shut off feature because the vibration suddenly turning off always seemed to wake Alice. This seems wasteful with our batteries, which is why we chose to use rechargeable batteries with our Tranquilo Mat.

We tested the battery life by leaving it running for a solid 24 hours, and it was still running strong. With regular bedtime use, a set of batteries lasted us about a week. In order to save money and be more eco-conscious, we preferred to use it with rechargeable batteries. For something that goes through batteries this quickly, we didn’t think it was responsible to use regular batteries. I would love if the company made a rechargeable battery for this that we could plug in between uses.

With rechargeable batteries, you can swap them out as soon as you notice the vibration weakening and not feel guilty about wasting batteries. We use the IKEA LADDA rechargeable batteries and feel like they worked perfectly with the Tranquilo Mat. The batteries and charger were quite affordable when considering that we would be able to continue using these batteries for years! The older model takes two AA batteries, and only lasted us two nights of sleep.

The battery pack zips into the interior, and closes with a tiny screw – so you don’t have to worry about your babe ever gaining access to the batteries. Because we were swapping batteries frequently, I didn’t leave the screw in the battery compartment. This is not following the manufacturer recommendations – but the battery compartment was concealed by the cover, and my baby didn’t have the fine motor skills to explore this area.

Rechargeable batteries

What Are Your Thoughts and Experiences?

What other questions do you have about the Tranquilo Mat? Comment below and I would be happy to answer them! If your kids already sleep well, what has worked for you?

So What’s the Catch? (Disclosures)

We received the updated model of the Tranquilo Mat for free, in exchange for our honest review. All opinions are my own (the sleep speaks for itself!). You can check the current price and purchase here on Amazon – (affiliate link).

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